How digital minimalism can help you live your dream life?

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digital minimalism

In the current lifestyle, we all are trying to catch up with everything happening every second around the world.
Do you realize how much of it you are able to grasp?

What is digital minimalism?

Digital minimalism is a lifestyle that promotes minimum digital consumption.

I might not be the first person to tell you this.

Still, I’m definitely one of the people who changed myself after understanding the concept.
In a one-second scroll, your social media hits you with so much information. This results in the release of hormones, which changes how you feel so fast in an unnatural way at frequent intervals.

In one post, you see a video where our precious mother earth is being damaged ruthlessly, and in the next post, there is this image of a cute dog.
You cannot help but react to both of them. Within a span of a second, your emotions have traveled from one extreme to the other.

digital minimalist
minimalist digital

When you keep the device down, you feel empty because so much energy has been consumed in traveling the spectrum that you feel drained.
To fill that up, you open the social media again
and again
and again.

How to practice digital minimalism?

how to practice digital minimalism

Do you realize how much you are dependent on the external source to make you happy?
When I saw this eye-opening documentary on Netflix called The Social Dilemma, it really made me think about how long I am consuming on social media.
So I filtered whom I followed.
The first step is to follow who you want to be like.

less is more

Yes, there are times when you need sad posts to feel understood, but when those are the only emotion you are feeling, you will never be able to come out of that state of mind.
If you slowly change what you consume, and if possible, even decrease the consumption, you will realize that now you have to deal with what you are feeling inside.
I realized in this quarantine that I need to delete the social media. I have to sit with what I’m feeling and deal with it.
I need to understand myself better.

Take small steps

Ask yourself what do you want to be?
I want to be a peaceful calm soul.
What am I consuming?
Everything but what would help me in walking that path.

Hey, initially, I’m not saying to stop following everyone who is not on that path.
I mean, your friend will be pissed if you unfollow them.
Filter your feed.
Follow those like whom you want to become.
Limit your time on social media.

you are what you consume

I know it is challenging.

Several apps can help you time your social media usage and even block you from using them after you have passed the limit set by you.
What worked the best for me is deleting the app. If I wanted to see it, I installed it on weekends and deleted it again.

Slowly, you would not even crave to get back it because you know sitting on your own, close your eyes, and counting your breaths will help you more than knowing what that person had in their breakfast.

consume mindfully

Limit what you are consuming.

What to do in your free time?

Do something that brings you zen, makes you forget everything, heals you.

For me, it is painting.

Making you scroll endlessly is the motive of social networking sites.
They earn from it.
Take it as a challenge.
Say that you cannot fool me by making me mindlessly scroll.

See how it feels without checking first thing in the morning.

I suggest listening to podcasts.
Get your paint, brushes and everything else ready. Put up a good podcast, which will give me knowledge, wisdom, new information or just chit-chat amongst friends.

All in all, fellas.
Be mindful.
Be awake.
Be conscious of what you are consuming and in how much amount.
Anything in excess is harmful.
Instead of wasting time in mindless scrolling, after 10 minutes, keep it down and sing a song.
Read that book which has been catching dust for all these months.
Give your body a twist, exercise or dance with your favorite music on.
Do something that makes you happy, instead of going back in the loophole to only find yourself to be empty again.
How you are going to fill your emotional batteries again is up to you.

A hobby or a hobby, the choice must always be healthy.

do what you love

Choose wisely.

Because what you consume is what you’ll be, and that will decide your future.
So did you decide who you want to be?

Consume mindfully.

You become what you consume.

Thank you for reading this article.
Now go down to the comment section and let me know what you think of digital minimalism.

p.s. I went ahead and made a video on this article to reach more people. Watch it and let me know more about what you would like to read or watch.

Know you are loved.

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