5 easy ways to live in the moment at least once a day

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live in the moment

What if someone said this is your last chance at living? 

Every day we wake up rarely excited about what the day has in store for us. 

I get it, and believe me, I dreaded that feeling so much that I always turned to music to turn off everything around me.

But it seems now that it wasn’t a good strategy to follow in the long term. 

We think it’s the same old day. Worrying about things that have not happened yet or dwelling in our past.

Confess it, you beautiful creature, have forgotten how to live in the moment.

Keep reading to know 5 ways you can start to live in the moment now.


what is passion 1

Many people get flabbergasted when someone asks, what is your passion? 

When we are trapped in the grading system to establish our worth, we don’t take time to sit with ourselves doing things that bring us peace, our ikigai. You were never asked what your passion is? 

I ask you then, what is your passion?

First of all, what is passion

If you ask me, it is an activity for which you have a powerful feeling of liking. During the performance of that activity, you reach a state of zen, something that makes you forget about everything else. 

For someone like me, it can be painting, gardening and reading. For someone else, it can be cooking, sewing, swimming, writing, etc. 

So how to find your passion in life

how to find your passion in life edited scaled

I’ll say keep exploring. 

Keep learning from good sources.

For example, cooking. 

You enter your kitchen to cook for the first time in your life. 

You take a butter knife and an onion for cutting. The process is tormenting (you literally cry). 

You give up, saying you are not made for it. 

For developing a passion for anything, you first need a good mentor. 

Source of good information can be from anywhere. 

You can learn from a blog, a video or a human, to give you proper directions on how to go about the activity.

If I tell you about me, I needed to do something which would make me stop thinking anxiously about studies and my future. 

I read somewhere that painting helps. 

So I took my colors, brush and water. 

Started by forcefully rubbing the heavily dipped brush on a regular paper, which basically tore it off, resulting in frustration rather than giving even a cent amount of peace. 

painting edited

My dear friend caught me in the act and advised me to learn brush stroke techniques and watch videos to learn watercolor painting. 

I was doing the basic thing wrong, which was not using the right paper. 

Later with patience and practice, I got the result, which was peace of mind and a piece of painting. 


The same goes for cooking. You need to know how to handle the knife to cut an onion.



Hey, there is nothing better than this one out there. 

Don’t you lie to me that out of the million beautiful languages in the world, there is no other language you want to learn?

You might want to say those romantic french quotes or Sofia Vergara makes you want to learn Spanish. 

Imitate your favorite actor, flip your goggles and say En vazhi, thani vazhi.

Your love for Korean Oppa encourages you to learn how to say 안녕하세요(hello) or the fantastical anime makes you want to say something more than ありがと(Thankyou). 

Pick a language, download an app, follow a Youtube channel and get a newsletter of language teaching blogs. 

Believe me, when you start to learn a new language, you also are on a beautiful journey of learning something new about yourself and a new culture.

I mean c’mon, Mi Amor (my love), in 30 days you at least be able to say 사랑해요(I love you) to yourself.


mindful meditatiojn

In my humble opinion, there is one practice that every human being must do daily, which is meditation.

Now I might sound like every other “mindful” person out there. But hear me out.

It will prove to be a technique that will make you walk towards equilibrium, become calmer & teach you how to live in the moment.

Trust me on this one. You are one step away from letting meditation help you become more mindful and calm.

There are plenty of guided meditations out there.

I will suggest guided meditation because a mentor’s help can always boost our knowledge. 

Try it. 

Keep a reward for yourself at the end of the month.

Say if you complete the task, you’ll buy that yoga mat/ dress or something you always wanted to.

It feels so calm, so great to not care about anything around you for at least once a day.

meditation 2

I have felt the need for a calm, peaceful and blissful mind in the corona era more than anytime else in my life; maybe you have too.

During the past 5 years, I have lost the most precious people in my life to death. And in those lost, heart-wrenching times, at least 20-30 mins of being in the present gave me the power to heal and the energy to be alive again.

You must have heard it many times, maybe now more than ever that people and life can end anytime, any day.

Are you living every day as if it’s your last? Are you doing at least one thing you love your whole day for at least 5 minutes?

If not, then what are you waiting for?

You have all the right to be happy.


love yourself

Life seems challenging right now. We are not able to meet anyone in person without wearing masks. It has been difficult to concentrate on studies as everything has become online. The constant comparisons we are making with people on social media make us feel less about ourselves. 

Look at yourself in the mirror. 

Did you say that you love yourself? Say it. 

Say that you are beautiful because you are. 

If not someone else, at least you should be the person to say that to yourself.

There are times when things go down the lane, and we get stuck in the past memories. When this thinking takes a negative pattern, it’s called overthinking.

Our beautiful, capable mind has the capability to reminisce old memories and visualize the future. 

What happens is we lose control over it, and we live everywhere instead of in the present. 

I was a big-time overthinker and thought of it as a big hurdle in my life. It also decreased my self-esteem and love for self. 

As I started keeping a check on myself, I found the loop and then slowly started to be easy. I am still on that journey. 

We all make mistakes, and mistakes are made to be learned from. 

We all have flaws; we must always strive to be better. 

But on the way, we should never be unkind to ourselves. 

The flaws are what make us different from others; they are what makes us beautiful.


journaling edited 2 scaled

Discipline is something that I believe to be very essential. 

As much as discipline is necessary, it is also tough to push yourself to follow the schedule.

I can remember that I made the most perfect schedules all my school and college life, and never once was I able to follow it. 

Maybe I made them very unrealistic. 

Sometimes when you are in the flow, life happens, and you cannot follow it for a few days. 

Once you lose a streak, you are not willing to start again. 

As James clear says, never go more than one day without following the habit. 


A habit tracker is a very effective way to track your progress. 

I recommend reading Atomic Habits by James Clear and also subscribing to his email list. Trust me, every time I want to make a habit, I start reading this book. 

By the end of the book, I end up making the habit. 

I know you don’t have time to read the book every time you want to make a habit. But the techniques in it work. You can also write notes for yourself. 

You can start journaling to track daily plans, monthly tasks and yearly events. 

Use your journal as a habit tracker to build good and healthy habits in the direction of the person you want to be.

At the end of the day, you have to face the habit tracker that pushes you to do the task. 

Habit tracker also helps you discipline yourself the way you want to.

When you get into something, give at least 30 days daily or weekly 90 days practice. You never know if you find a passion for the activity or passion for the person you are doing it with. 

I congratulate you on both things anyway. 


how to find your passion in life 1

This is our first life. You don’t need to know everything. 

But you can learn if you want to. 

Take that book which has been resting on the bookshelf for many seasons, right now and get lost in the world of magicians and muggles. Trust me, you won’t regret reading this one.

It is easy to talk about what we are going to do, but it doesn’t mean anything until we take action and make it happen. – Catherine Pulsifer

So the next time you go out exploring how knitting works, don’t think you will sit and start knitting a sweater without looking at your hands, like a pro. 

You will take time learning how to handle needles, different types of knots and completing the whole thing without losing your mind. 

Over time you’ll get there. 

It takes some time for some people to realize that they are precious, and they have every right to live, love and laugh. 

self love edited scaled

Look in the mirror and say you love yourself. 

We never know when we will take our last breath. 

Did you do the thing that you loved before leaving this mysteriously gorgeous planet? 

Are you content with who you are but still excited to learn something new? 

When was the last time you did something which made your heartbeat go crazy?

Wouldn’t you want to live in the moment? Worryfree present?

love self edited scaled

Should I have to become the salesperson who sells you the present for you to live it Now?


Sit down, back straight and start counting your breath. 

Meditate with us. We’re holding your hand.

We can do this.

C’mon starts breathing 1,2,3.

Until next time amigos

learn language

Know you are loved.

5 ways you can start to live in the moment now

1. Do something you are passionate about
2. Learn a new language
3. Mindful meditation
4. Love yourself
5. Journaling

What is passion?

It is an activity for which you have a powerful feeling of liking. During the performance of that activity, you reach a state of zen, something that makes you forget about everything else.

How to learn a new language?

1. Pick a language
2. Download an app
3. Follow a Youtube channel 
4. Get a newsletter of language teaching blogs

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