Mindset is everything to live a meaningful and successful life

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Have you read these quotes ever?

The world inside us dictates the way we perceive the world.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 

Perception is the key to a beautiful world, to success.

Mindset is what separates the best from the rest. 

Mindset is everything you need to live a better life.

developing a positive mindset

If we could get a better mindset we can build a better world for ourselves.

So let’s get straight into the topic and see what opportunities we hold in our hands if we get our mindset right.

What is mindset?

problem solving mindset

Mindset can be simply defined as the established set of attitudes held by someone.

While there are many types of mindset explained on the internet by the experts, if I am asked, there are only two kinds of mindsets: one positive mindset and one negative mindset.

How do you know which one you can categorize yourself under and how it affects your life? Stay with me and answer this simple question for me.

When a problem arises, or when you make a mistake, or a situation comes when a person is cornering you in an argument or let’s just say the knife is on your throat (not literally), how would you react? Will you be your best friend or your enemy?

Please categorize yourself in a positive mindset and negative mindset, respectively. 

When we are wronged, it’s human to feel bad about ourselves and for us to rage a war against ourselves.

Regretting every little decision we made, contemplating an act as small as a handshake, sitting there in the corner lashing ourselves with the downright heart-rending words which we would never say to our closest friend. 

We might even start a blame game and blame the other person or situation for the way we are feeling. It’s okay to do that for some time. 

To look back on what we did, what happened, in a detached way, realize our mistake and learn from it. THAT IS IT.

Learn from it. 

Write it down. 

Apologize and forgive and move on. 

And I’m talking about things that happen on daily terms.

Your boss said something, that person you like didn’t wave back, your shoe unlaced while walking, trivial things, even when someone’s heart gets broken. 

They don’t apologize first, or they don’t tell you where they were going. 

Hey, who am I to say? You might be feeling bad about anything. 

After sulking, complaining, ranting, and reflecting, start talking to yourself as your best friend would, with utmost care and love. 

Look at the situation with a solution-oriented mind. Learn and get out of there. 

Did you learn your lesson? Now close the chapter. 

If you keep going back, you won’t enjoy the beautiful opportunity the future holds. 

What can be a positive mindset defined as?

mindset is everything

A positive mindset means a solution-oriented realistic problem-solving mindset. 

People have now started defining to be positive in every situation, which is something humanly impossible contributing to a term called toxic positivity. 

The only thing that we are sure about is that there are ups as many downs are there. 

It should be our perception to hold on to the moment in the up and enjoy it fully because surely there will come a down moment when you believe that the up will come again and work towards it.

A positive mindset means to be your own best friend. 

To be adequately strict on ourselves, be loving to our flaws and understand ourselves on all terms, to know where we want to correct ourselves. 

If the mindset is right, there is no battle out there you can’t fight.

I was that person who used to bash myself with the utmost negative possible words when I did something wrong. 

Not my family, not my dearest friends and not the stranger passing by. 

I tortured myself, and when I realized that, I could see my enemy clearly in the mirror. 

I had to calm my negative side down and my positive side to healthily take over the wheels. 

As healthily reducing weight is important to consistently and effectively make your health better. So is to change your mindset healthily. 

Whenever you see yourself going in that negative loop of thoughts, say, ‘hey, this is not the way I should be thinking and turn your way around. 

I feel guided meditation helps the most. Meditating at least once a week and increasing the rate according to your capacity helps you regularly check your thoughts and change your thought patterns without going hard on yourself.

When you find yourself going back in that loop, don’t go negative on yourself again. Make yourself understand as a friend would take care of yourself as a parent would of their child, talk a little softly. 

You are a precious bubble, let the sunshine fall on you and may you sparkle the way you are. 

Remember, there is only one you in this world, and this you is important in ways no one will be able to explain and understand. 

You are precious, so don’t you dare torture yourself like that. Develop a positive mindset. Slowly, but definitely, you will grow into the gorgeous, breathtaking, unique person you are. 

I believe in you. The universe believes in you. So stand in front of your mirror and say, ‘Hey there beautiful, I’m your best friend, and I love you. 

Say that to yourself every single day. 

Importance of positive thinking

Optimistic, realistic thinking helps you be centered and at the moment when a problem arises. 

To believe you will find a solution and work towards it without feeling panicked. 

Your mindset changes the way you see the world. 

A negative attitude can make every second alive feel like the world has shown its back to you, with its highest walls up against you and the darkest clouds over, waiting to storm on you. 

A positive mindset can make you see the little flower bravely blooming in the crack of that wall, that small and strong creeper creeping on the tall fence, the tiny ant carrying four times its weight, will all motivate you to find a way. 

importance of positive thinking

With the clouds waiting to open their doors and let the army of droplets go straight at you as the thunders scream, declaring the war open. 

What would you do? You will dance in the rain feeling enchanted by the beauty of nature, eventually stumbling on a button that opens a small door in the wall for you, letting you enter on the other side of the world because you have learned the lesson you were destined to. 

You have learned to dance in the rain.

You have won over the villain.

You have LEVELED UP.

Now it is your turn to enjoy the moment, as life will throw another challenge at you.

You are ready there with your mightiest mindset. 

Positive mindset benefits

This is still a topic of interest amongst researchers and is still being looked upon. 

Here are some of them which have been discovered:

Health benefits

  • The immune system becomes better.
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • The average lifespan of people increases

Lifestyle benefits

  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress
  • Work environments that have a positive atmosphere work better than negative ones.
  • Optimists make better decisions than pessimistic.
  • Relationships are better with more positive, productive and understanding conversations involved.

Having a problem-solving attitude towards negative stuff happening towards your results in less stress and thereby better health.

It is because people with a positive attitude lean towards having a better lifestyle. 

They tend to be involved in physical exercise, and as one good habit leads to another, they eat healthily and also are not interested in unhealthy practices like smoking and drinking.

Developing a positive mindset

developing a positive mindset

To develop a positive mindset, you must first realize you have a negative attitude. 

To acknowledge your negative thoughts, you must rather sit and meditate to understand what they are. 

Once you’ve caught the thief, find the resources to help you get in terms with it. 

I will not say to destroy it because as positive parts are ours, so are the negative ones. The skill is to sit with everything that makes us, with peace and harmony.

It’s a process to develop a positive mindset, and the first thing to filter here is the kind of content you consume. There is so much talk about this out there. 

It cannot be emphasized enough how much attention is being grabbed by social networking sites. 

Either someone is living a larger than life or struggling with something we cannot help them with except being a good listener.

I cut the social media for a while to see what happens. I’ll tell you what happened. 

You have to sit with yourself, and when you observe the thoughts racing in your head, you come to think that, man, this does not look good. 

You have to then sit with yourself and understand where these thoughts are coming from, in a very detached way. 

Not to blame anyone, but see as an outsider where these thoughts have come from. Your reactions that made a difference, something external happened that triggered you. Understand your pattern, and next time it happens, be mindful of it. Be your best friend and talk yourself through it. Be calm.

Change is a lifetime process, but the path you choose to walk on is essential. The first milestone to cross is to have a positive mindset, and by that, I don’t mean to be happy 24/7. 

By that, I suggest having a solution-oriented mindset, where you don’t raise hell on yourself and don’t let the other person or situation make your negative side come out of you. 

Being in a positive mindset means staying in a calm state of mind despite whether there is a storm or rainbow outside. 

The world has witnessed destructive battles due to the negative attitude. 

I highly recommend Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty, who talks about this with questions for you to answer along the way and have a look at yourself deep down. Trust me; you won’t regret reading it. As you keep answering these questions, may you find your best self at the end of the book?

How to maintain a positive mindset

how to maintain a positive mindset

Now that you are on the journey to develop a positive mindset, the most important thing is to continue this journey. Here are some tips for doing that:

1. Meditation

I consider meditation a must-have skill that helps us get acquainted with ourselves and our higher self to become a better person. To watch our thoughts without judgment, and work towards the mindset we want to have, is one of the many benefits of meditating regularly. Looking at the bigger picture helps us to figure out the solution instead of focusing on the problem.

2. Journaling

Writing down your thoughts is a great way to get everything in your head on paper or a device and then read it as a stranger would, to understand ourselves better. Journaling helps us to understand our thoughts and talk to ourselves while on the journey to develop a good mindset. When we express our thoughts frequently, we are more resilient to stress and equipped to make better decisions.

3. Reading good books

Books are the best friends in our life. Read books that help you make better habits, become a better person and learn something new about this world. Reading every day has many benefits, which is that you keep your devices away and concentrate on something else you like.

4. Consuming better content

Now, leaving social media might be impossible for you, but you can limit your time and filter whom you are following. There are so many documentaries out there that explain the way these sites work. It’s up to us how we let them control us. The content you consume and the people who surround you have a massive role in shaping your mind. Your vibe attracts your tribe. So keep advancing yourself to attract better people.

solution oriented mindset

5. Learning new skills

I know that you have a long list of things you wanted to do when you were young, and they are still in the back of your mind. Learn to paint, play the guitar, gardening, etc. What’s stopping you from not starting? You don’t have to be a pro at everything. You must do some activities just for your happiness, not to show off to anyone.

How to start your day with a positive attitude

positive mindset benefits

There are Youtube videos that give positive affirmations. Listen to them, and whichever feels the one for you, go ahead and play it first thing in the morning. You might also make a new recording of what you think makes you feel full of energy and listen to it before starting your day. Writing your thoughts down also helps declutter your mind. Of course, meditation is a gift you can give to yourself every day. 

Keep in your mind that a positive attitude means a problem-solving solution-oriented mindset. It is essential to sit with our feelings, positive or negative, to settle between them to become a calmer and better person. I know it helped me to shift my mindset, and I hope it helps you too. So work on yourself and know you are the hero of your life. Look at the tiny flower and smile. Dance in the rain, and you will step on that button to open new doors for you. Believe in yourself as the universe does.

positive mindset

Go down in the comments sections and tell me about what made you realize that you need to work on you mindset and what helped you.

Know you are loved.

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